Edgerton, MN

Claims to Fame

May, 2016
     The Edgerton Public/SWCH ladies take home the Minnesota Girls Softball Class A State Championship.

March, 2013
     The Eagles from Southwest MN Christian High School take home the Minnesota Boys Basketball Class A State Championship.

November, 2011
    Edgerton Public School's Flying Dutchmen football team takes home the 9-Man State Championship.

March 27, 2010
Govenor Tim Pawlenty signed an official proclamation declaring this day "Edgerton, Minnesota Basketball Day". Gov. Pawlenty chose this particular day because it was the 50th anniversary of Edgerton's 1960 boys basketball team winning the state title.

March 25, 2000
Southwest Christian High School defeats Win-E-Mac to repeat as the Minnesota Boys Basketball Class A Champions.

March 20, 1999
Southwest MN Christian High School defeats Hillcrest Lutheran Academy 63-50 to win the Minnesota Boys Basketball Class A Championship.

March 27, 1960
Edgerton High School won the Minnesota Boys Basketball Championship - a pretty BIG DEAL considering there were no class divisions at that time! See more details under the Events/News tab.

Other items of interest:

Minnie Moo the Cow was born approximately 1984 on a farm near Edgerton and displayed a large Minnie/Mickey Mouse design on her side.