Edgerton, MN

About Us


Edgerton is a small town in Pipestone County, located in the southwestern part of Minnesota. Edgerton is approximately 15 miles southeast from the city of Pipestone and is home to the Dutch Festival, held annually the second weekend in July. The last census, taken in 2010, shows our population to be roughly 1200 people.

The people of Edgerton embrace a strong sense of community. One way this is demonstrated is the value we place on education. In Edgerton, you will find a public elementary and high school, two private elementary schools and a private high school. In addition, we have a strong early education program for children (and their parents) beginning as early as age three. There are typically over 50 children enrolled in these early education programs. In total, we have over 800 children attending school in Edgerton.

Edgerton's commercial base is primarily agricultural, but several employers play a significant role in broadening our economy. Our largest local employer (approximately 250 employees) is Fey Industries. Fey Industries is a third generation locally owned and managed manufacturer of imprinted vinyl promotional products (3-ring binders, auto accessories, calendars, baby and beyond, stadium cushions, etc), media packaging for CD, DVD, and BlueRay discs, as well as custom thermoformed products (packaging for fishing lures, pill blisters, etc). Fey Industries also owns and operates a manufacturing facility in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Edgerton has a vibrant business community. There are two grocery stores, two hardware stores, two car dealerships, several hair and beauty salons, two card and gift shops, a bakery, a shoe repair shop, and a meat market. Our main street businesses pride themselves in drawing customers from throughout the county and beyond.

In 2006 we opened a new medical clinic in Edgerton. A post office, bank, public library, weekly newspaper, eye care office, chiropractic clinic, and volunteer ambulance and fire department add to the services available in our community as well.

In addition to Fey Industries, Northstar Plastics is also an Edgerton-based manufacturer. Northstar Plastics designs and manufactures custom-built animal holding and display units, nebulizers, cat condos, and dog boxes. Edgebrook Care Center also adds to our local economy with annual salaries totaling approximately $2 million. The Edgebrook Care Center Campus includes the skilled Medicare and Medicaid Certified Nursing Home, the Senior Living Community, and the Assisted Living Community to offer a continuum of long term care services.

Both high schools have won the Minnesota State Basketball Championship.  In 2011 our Dutchmen football team became the 9-Man State Champions, and in 2013 the Southwest MN Christian High School Eagles boys basketball team took home the Class A Championship. Many people also still remember what happened in 1960: the year Edgerton won the state basketball championship when there were no classes or divisions based on school size.