Edgerton, MN


Mark your calendars Chamber Members:

The 2017 Chamber Golf outing has been scheduled for
Monday, August 7

Stay tuned for more details as they become available.



Join the "POWER OF 64" Movement!




Research shows that 64% of each dollar spent at local
merchants is "recycled" back into the community in
the form of taxes, donations to churches and schools,
and to other community-improvement projects.

Less than 13% of each dollar you spend outside of
our community is "recycled" back into Edgerton.

Take the pledge to show your support!

We pledge to: 
THINK first of our local economy,
SHOP first at my local businesses, and
BUY first from local companies who
give back so much, in so many ways,
to our community.


The 2017 Board of Directors for the Edgerton Chamber of Commerce:

Orey Fey, President
Waddell & Reed = (507) 442-4440

Shela Gunnink, Vice President
Edgerton Enterprise = (507) 442-6161

Betty Huisken, Secretary/Treasurer
Huisken Market & Department Store = (507) 442-6881

Jesse VanHofwegen
Vander Stoep Furniture = (507) 442-5661

Kristi Eshuis
K & M Concrete Construction Inc = (507) 442-4855

Trisha Tinklenberg
Fey Industries and Pipestone Systems

Michelle VanKley
Fey Industries = (507) 442-4311

Vicki Hulstein
Chandler Co-Op = (507) 442-3279