Edgerton, MN

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We are a small community in Pipestone County, located in the southwestern corner of Minnesota. We have retained the flavor of a small ethnic village that is proud of its heritage. Edgerton has a strong economy supported by local agriculture, several manufacturers, and numerous small, thriving businesses.

Edgerton has terrific schools (both public and private), and churches that welcome guests and members with open arms.

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Upcoming Events


  • EHS home VOLLEYBALL games today at 5pm vs. Hills-Beaver Creek High School.
  • SWCH home VOLLEYBALL games today at 5pm vs. MCC.


  • FARMER'S MARKET today from 5-8:00pm (on Main Street between Huiskens and the Post Office)


  • EHS home VOLLEYBALL games today at 5pm vs. SWMCH.


  • ROCK RIVER PUMPKIN FESTIVAL today! Details under the Events/News tab.
  • SWCH home SOCCER game today (varsity only) beginning at 11:00am vs. Mitchell Christian

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